Finding a leak in your roof can feel like an overwhelming problem. After all, you don’t want to end up with massive water damage in your home, but you probably don’t know how to fix your leaking roof yourself. If you suspect there’s a leak in your roof, here’s what you should do.

How to Find a Roof Leak

Start by looking for the leak itself. Knowing where your roof is leaking can help you mitigate the damage the leak does before you can get it fixed.

Note that your roof leak won’t always be directly above the place where the water is coming into your home. Water will flow down flashing or beams to the lowest point before it enters the home. Therefore, you’ll need to be a bit of a detective to find out where it’s leaking.

If you can get into the attic, go up during the daytime and turn off the lights. If you see spots of light shining through the roof, then you’ll know where the problem is.

You can also follow the trail of water back up into the roof, though you may need someone to spray the roof with a hose for this to work.

How to Fix a Leaking Roof

The best way to get a roof leak repaired is to call in a professional. After all, they have the materials and the experience necessary to find your leak and get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

In the meantime, place a bucket under the leak. You may want to prop up some scrap wood inside it to limit the annoying dripping sound.

If there’s a blister of water or it seems like water is trapped in your roof or your ceiling, set up a tarp under the blister, then pop it with a screwdriver or other sharp tool. This keeps the water from seeping even further into your home.

If you can find the leak, lay out a tarp over it and secure it there until you can get a professional roof leak repair specialist to your house.

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