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Guillermo Rodriguez
Guillermo Rodriguez 5.0
Robert Venzant
Robert Venzant 5.0

Jeronimo and Santiago was excellent. Easy going, professional, knowledgeable, fast and efficient. I highly recommend there services and will request them for any future needs.

Maureen Wardlaw
Maureen Wardlaw 5.0

The first time I called Aurora was to inspect my well because I was having issues with water quality. It was a fiasco due to the employee that came to my house. He just didn't do his job or respond and I later learned that he has been terminated. Since ...then, a Manager reached out to me and has done everything he can to make sure I am well taken care of. Will came out last week to inspect and repair any electrical issues I had. I had a great experience with him and was very happy with the interaction and the work he did. Today, Zack came back to look at my well to see if he could figure out what the problem is. He too was a great guy to work with, professional and personable. They both went above and beyond to make sure I was happy before they left. Thank you Aurora!Read More...

P Mc
P Mc 5.0
Garett Holton
Garett Holton 5.0
Carolyn Cudd
Carolyn Cudd 5.0

Zack and Santiago were very professional and knowledgeable. They identified the problems quickly and spent time explaining multiple offers of solutions. I would recommend Zack and Santiago highly.

Marie Tate
Marie Tate 5.0

Repaired outlet disabled person

Henry Orozco
Henry Orozco 5.0

Great service. First time customer and they gave me a high priority, came on-time. Technicians are customer focused, they tell you their plan, keep you updated on progress, and close the case sharing good insights. They also know the service portfolio ...really well and work with you to find the best rate. Far from average service company. Great experience. Bought an annual subscription .Read More...

Kim Robillard
Kim Robillard 5.0

Anthony was fast and professional. We got our repair done even faster than we hoped. 10 stars!

annie camp fuller
annie camp fuller 5.0

Thanks so much to Heath. He was very transparent and did a thorough job on repairing our A/C. We will be choosing Aurora Pro Service for any future issues within our home!

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