Mi Mamita was a woman who cared with her whole heart. If you were sad, she’d make you smile. If you were hungry, there was always something to eat. She instinctively understood the importance of nurturing the soul and body. I named my business to honor her memory. She taught me to have faith in the Lord and to always treat neighbors as family.

I try to live each day in a way Mamita would expect, and to be sure your home is always nurtured to be safe and comfortable.

With Mamita in mind, we have created Grandma Aurora’s Total Home Care.

$44.97/month or $39.97/month when paid annually

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Heating & Cooling

  • Twice a year
  • In Early spring, we will clean, inspect, and tune up your air conditioning and make sure it’s ready to take on summer.
  • In the fall, we’ll make sure your furnace is fully inspected and tuned up for whatever winter weather
  • North Carolina has planned.
  • If you have filters on hand, we’ll be sure those are replaced.
  • We’ll check all vents and ensure each room in your home has balanced heating and cooling.
  • And we’ll make sure the insulation and ventilation are adequate for your home.
  • We believe your home should be comfortable, no matter the season, no matter the room


  • Once a year
  • A Certified Plumber will check and tighten your faucets, so they don’t leak, squeak, or dribble.
  • We’ll check your drains to make sure water is flowing without obstructions.
  • If we find something minor, we’ll take care of it on the spot (no extra charge!).
  • We will completely drain and flush your water heater.
  • We’ll do a pressure and temperature test.
  • Then we test your water to make sure it is safe and clean.
  • Finally, we will check that your sump pump is good and ready to jump into action when needed.
  • Water is life, and we want to make sure your water is clean, healthy, and available

Your Roof and Outside the Home

  • Once a year.
  • We will check your roof, including shingles, masonry, gutters, flashings, and chimney caps to make sure there’s no chance of leaks or failure.
  • If a nail has popped up, we’ll pop it back down.
  • If we see minor cracks, we will close them with silicone.
  • We’ll tidy up your gutters, and clear your roof of debris, tennis balls, and frisbees.
  • We’ll check for animal intrusion or insect infestation.
  • Your downspouts will be free from blockage.
  • Your windows will be checked for a tight seal and fix minor things before they become a big problem.
  • We’ll check your siding and/or bricks, and evaluate your foundation for cracks where water can get in.
Our goal is to keep the outside, and your home comfortable inside


  • Once a year.
  • Our Certified Electrician will check your switches and outlets to make sure they are working properly and safely.
  • We’ll replace the batteries in your fire alarms and CO detectors.
  • Your electric panel will get a full inspection to make sure the circuit breakers and fuses are doing their jobs properly.
  • If you have a generator, we’ll start it up and make sure it’s ready to go to work if the power goes out.
  • We’ll check those wires you can’t, Like the service line from the pole to the house and the big wires connected to your main panel.
Our goal is to make sure you have safe electricity whenever and wherever you need it.