If you’re like many homeowners, you aren’t sure how often to replace your roof. You may not even know what to look for, so you know if you need a roof replacement. Here are just a few of the most common indicators that your roof needs replacing soon.

You’ve Recently Experienced a Natural Disaster
Hailstorms, windstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are just a few of the most common natural disasters that result in roof replacement. If your home has recently experienced one of these, then you need to have it evaluated ASAP. Many homeowner’s insurance policies require notification of needed roof repairs or roof replacement within a certain period, and you want to be sure you fulfill these requirements if you want them to cover all or part of the cost of a new roof.

You See Signs of Roof Leakage or Water Damage

If you have an attic, that’s where you need to check first for leaks and water damage. Search for obvious holes on a bright day when you can see pinpoints of light streaming through the room. You’ll also want to check for signs of mold, mildew, rot, and more.

If you don’t have an attic, watch your ceiling for these signs. You can also watch for peeling paint, or watermarks. When leaks in the roof get bad enough that you can see these signs, it’s usually time to replace the entire thing, rather than repair it.

Your Roof is Near the End of its Lifespan

Different roofing materials are designed to last different amounts of time. Slate roofs can last over 80 years, while metal doesn’t usually make it that long. Look up or have an expert estimate the age of your roof and its expected lifespan. If it’s near the end of that and needs some repairs, it might be time to replace it instead. Let a roofing professional tell you if it’s time to replace your roof.

Expert Greensboro Roofers

If you need a roof replacement or you’re not sure when to replace your roof, call us at Aurora Pro Services today. We’ll send out a roofing expert to examine your roof and give you a professional opinion. If you need a new roof, we’ll get you an estimate so you can make the best decision for your roof and your family. Choose to work with us and we’ll install your new roof ASAP!

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