We get crazy weather patterns here in Greensboro, and sometimes after a big storm, the power goes out. There is no need to panic in the event of a blackout, and if you are ready and prepared it will only be a minor inconvenience. Pay attention to these tips from our expert team of electricians on what to do in the event of a power outage.

Be Prepared in Advance

  • Get a kit ready beforehand. Make sure you have a flashlight, batteries, candles, and matches on hand. Have water and non-perishable foods stocked just in case the blackout lasts for a few days?

Find the Source of the Issue

  • Check to see if it is just an issue at your property or if it is a neighborhood-wide outage. Look at your electric panel and see if a breaker is tripped.
  • If it is something affecting the whole neighborhood, call the utility company to report it.

Stay Connected to Communicate

  • Since anything corded and that requires electricity will not work, your cellphone is your lifeline during an outage.
  • It may be smart to invest in a battery-operated radio so that you can receive news and information from the outside world.

Turn Off All the Appliances

  • When power returns, there will be a surge of electrical energy that could damage sensitive equipment like computers, laptops, or televisions, or could create a safety hazard if anything like an iron or stove burner was on prior.
  • Restarting appliances can use almost double the amount of electricity that they use when running normally. There is a large power demand placed on the electric system when every customer need power restored – all at the same time. It helps if you don’t have all your appliances waiting to draw power the instant it is turned back on.

Practice Generator Safety

  • If you have a generator at your home or business, it can save the day when the power goes out, but you need to know how to properly operate it. Never operate a generator inside your home, garage, or basement. If you choose a portable generator, don’t connect it to your home electrical system; instead, connect it directly to the devices and appliances you want to power or charge.
  • electrical, reach out to Aurora Pro Services Heating, Air, Plumbing, Electrical, & Roofing. We are dedicated to helping provide proper power to both residential and commercial clients in Greensboro.

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