Did you know that there are a few easy things that you, as a homeowner, can do to keep your roof in good condition? Would you like to do roof maintenance but don’t know how to maintain a roof? Make your roof last longer and avoid leaks and other major problems by following our roof maintenance tips below.

Inspect Your Roof at Least Once a Year
Get up on your roof at least once a year. We recommend inspecting it seasonally, but we know that some roofs are hard to access and that may not fit into your schedule. When you’re up there, examine your shingles and flashing. Look particularly at any vents or other areas where your roof connects to something else. Note shingles to repair, work caulk or sealant, damaged flashing, and any lichen, moss, or other growth on your roof.

Trim Large Trees

This is key among roof maintenance tips. Trimming large trees that are near your roof, and especially branches that hang over them can save you quite a bit of damage if there’s a big storm and the tree topples over or large pieces of it break off.

Clean Your Gutters

Get all of the leaves and other debris out of your gutters so they can effectively direct debris and water away from your roof. After all, you never want water to pool on your roof! You’ll want to clean the gutters at least twice a year, as well as after any major storms that come through.

Check Attic Insulation

This may not seem like roof maintenance at first glance but keep reading. Attic insulation keeps your roof at the right temperature. When it’s not, water that lands on it can freeze. This creates ice dams, which get heavy and cause prolonged contact between water and your roof. Ice dams often melt and freeze over and over again, which is extremely hard on your shingles. Keep the water flowing off your roof properly to avoid extensive damage.

Help from Greensboro Roofing Pros

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