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When it’s time for a new heater, call us at Aurora Pro Services right away. Our heating service experts will get to you fast, assess your heating situation quickly, and help you find a great new heater for your home.

Our team has years of experience with heating installation in Greensboro, NC, so you can rely on us to know when you need to replace your heater and make expert recommendations about what you should replace it with.

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Heating Replacement

Sometimes, it’s better to do a heating replacement in Greensboro, NC rather than to have us repair your old heater. This can be true if the repair will cost a lot, if the heater cannot be repaired, or if the heater is old and breaking down and costing you a lot of money frequently.

You may also want to pursue heating replacement in Greensboro, NC if:

  • Your heater is at or near the end of its projected lifespan
  • You aren’t comfortable at home even though your heater is working well
  • You want a different kind of heater or heating system
  • You want to improve the energy-efficiency of your heating system

If you choose a heating replacement in Greensboro, NC, our team will help you choose the heater that will be best for you and your home. We’ll take a look at the size of your house or the total square footage the new heater will need to heat. Then, we’ll talk to you about energy savings, your heating usage patterns, and whether you’ve been satisfied with your current heater. Once all of the data is in, we’ll analyze it and help you select the best new heater for your home.

Heating Installation

We’ll perform your heating installation in Greensboro, NC, too. Once your new heater comes in, we’ll bring it to your house and take care of everything.

Every time we perform a heating system installation in Greensboro, NC, we make sure we do it according to the specific instructions from the manufacturer. These can vary between heaters, so following them helps us ensure that your heater is functioning the way it is supposed to. Handling heating installations this way also means that your heater has the best possible chance of lasting for a long time.

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