Shower Remodel & Replacement Greensboro, NC

Are you looking to redo your outdated shower, or to upgrade your unused bathtub into a walk-in shower? Look to the bathroom remodel experts at Aurora Pro Services for help! We do one-day shower remodels in Greensboro, NC, where we can get everything put in and get your space transformed in as little as a day or two! Let our company take care of everything and make sure that your shower replacement goes smoothly and that the end result is something you love. Reach out to us today for a shower remodel in Greensboro!

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Shower Replacement Service

We can come out to your home and get your shower replaced and redone however you envision. Our company uses products from BCI Acrylics, so we have materials to fit every style and budget. Together we will discuss your Greensboro shower replacement wants and needs to make sure you end up with your dream shower.

Tub to Shower Remodels & Conversions

Do you have a bathtub at your property in Greensboro that is never used or simply takes up too much space? Let us turn it into a beautiful, sleek new walk-in shower. With a tub to shower conversion, our plumbers can easily install a customized shower so that you can make the most of the space. Our quick tub to shower remodel service in Greensboro means your bathroom will be transformed in no time!

Shower Remodel Experts in Greensboro

Here at Aurora Pro Services, we can help your vision for a dream shower come to life – and fast! With our one-day shower remodeling, our plumbers can quickly transform your bathroom into a custom-designed space. Get in touch with us when you want a bathroom shower remodel in Greensboro!

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